Lumiere is a light festival with more than 50 artworks in the streets of London! It’s free and spread out in a few different areas around Thames. I went yesterday with two friends, after seeing a recommendation for it on Facebook – and I’m so glad I did!

I’m not especially into art, mainly because I’ve moved a lot and haven’t prioritized artwork quite yet. But street art, omg, count me in!

I’ve always had a thing for big city lights, so this festival was obviously spot on for me. I think it’s from my teenage years where I had this idea about how it would be to live somewhere out there. I could just picture it. And yesterday I really felt it, how I’ve made it happen. Isn’t life amazing like that? As I was standing there, in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, surrounded by big city lights, people, music and artwork… Ah, it was just a moment to take a deep breath and appreciate the magic.

I really hope they bring back this festival next year, as I’ll make sure to clear my weekend to join the masses!


I AM OBSESSED with the concept of law of attraction! The more I think about it, study it, and apply it to my life – the more it makes sense to me. Seriously, EVERYONE should watch The Secret on Netflix, or read the actual book. There are also a lot of great videos on YouTube covering the subject, like this one!

I cannot belive I haven’t discovered this sooner! I mean, yes, we all know that thinking positively will make you happier etc. – but this is so much more than that. I almost can’t grasp my head around how powerful this is, if we decide to find our spiritual selves again and work with our thoughts… Together with the other new additions to my life right now – it’s working like a charm.

Hope this might be something for you as well, worth a shot! 


My first Hello Fresh Veggie box arrived this Monday, YAY! I’ve been so excited to try out their veggie recipes for weeks now – and it’s finally here! From now on, we’ll only receive three boxes a week, but they are all veggie. It’s perfect, as I can implement new dishes into our new veggie diet every week – and save the ones that I like! Such a nice way to learn in the process.

The three dishes this week is called: Rainbow Pepper Fajitas, Coconut Dal and Roasted Aubergine. YUM! We started with the Rainbow Pepper Fajitas, and it was suuuuper tasty. What else can I say? It was easy to cook, less stressful than when I have to prepare any sort of meat and we ate it all!

Today both M and I have been without red meat for a week. We have been eating some fish, so we’re not allowed to call ourselves veggies (someone has been googling the correct terms), but it still feels fantastic!

The best thing for me after a week without meat, is that I don’t get that stuffed feeling after eating. I feel lighter, in every way! But another really nice realisation is that I’m starting to crave veggies and colours in my food! That’s a first. Since I’m not adding meat to my dishes, I constantly need to seek for advice online, and think outside of my tiny little box that I used to live in. Naturally, that leads to more space on the plate for healthy veggies and more room for experimentation when it comes to spices and ingredients. I’m having so much fun with this and I would encourage everyone to try it out for themselves! If not for any other reason, than at least just to get this feeling and see what it does for your body in mind. Worth a shot!

For the first time, perhaps ever, I would rather have a veggie taco dish over a burger. Amazing madness!


Happy Monday! This weekend I attended my very first yoga session at a yoga studio here in London. I’ve been mentally preparing for weeks, and it feels good to have finally taken the step into a studio to get some hands on experience.

I arrived early, and the place was still locked when I came. Soon after, the teacher arrived and locked us in, into this cosy and tiny room. I honesty had no idea what to expect, but it went pretty smoothly as I could just follow what the others gathered before the session.

The session I signed up for was called Yin & Meditation, since it’s especially the meditation part of yoga that inspired me to check it out in the first place. I’m still not sure how I feel about the more advanced yoga practises, so I’m easing into it! One step at a time and I’ll get there. Anyway, attending this class gave a completely new experience.

We did stretches that lasted for about 3-6 minutes, and in between each stretch, we meditated for two minutes, just by laying down on our backs. While all of this was going on, the teacher also guided us through what to focus on, how to let thoughts go and so on. Amazing! 

Although I had no prior experience with yoga from a professional studio like this, I thought it would be easier to get into the flow than it was. I mean, doing a stretch for a few minutes, laying on my back and relax – how hard can it be? To be honest with you, it’s one of the mentally hardest workout sessions I’ve done in a really long time. Because it’s not just about pushing – but it’s about letting go and clearing the mind. I need some practice, that’s all!

All of my instincts told me to get out of that tiny warm room with all of these people, buy a yoga mat and try it for myself at home. But that’s also when I realised that this is exactly what I need – to find focus in the world. Because it’s not when I’m home with my own quiet self that I’m feeling lost or stressed. It’s out there, in the world, just like on my tiny mat in a warm room filled with people I don’t know.

So this is a challenge, people! But I’m ready for it.

I’m excited to see how yoga and meditation can impact my lifts at crossfit, my running, daily stress that arrives, the way I think, act and move my body! I’m just easing into the philosophy and movements, but I gotta say it feels like a goldmine that’s just waiting to be explored.

Wishing you a magical Monday, and hey, maybe there’s something you’ve been curious to try out for a while that you can explore this week? It’s never to late to learn if you’re open to change!


Holy smokes – Exciting January! The vision board is up on my wall, my kitchen has become another happy place – and I’ve taken further steps to kick off this year the right way. I even struggled through yesterday’s WOD up at Crossfit London, so I’m also back in the gym. There’s nothing like that first post-xmas sweat!

So the sort of overall question for me to figure out in 2018, is how to stay sane in a crazy world. I heard the sentence in a podcast I listened to recently, and it just stuck with me. So as you know, I’m taking a bunch of steps this year to get closer to an answer I can live with. I’ve gotten a few questions about what those elements include, so here comes some of them!

No meat:
I’m not going vegetarian or vegan (right away at least), but I’m starting slowly by cutting out meat from my meals. So far so good! I’ve even changed my order at Hello Fresh from regular to vegan, and I’m excited to see what they’ll bring for me next week! The reason for wanting to try this out, is simply that I’ve been started to notice how bad it actually makes me feel afterwards. So I’m hoping that some easier meals will do good for my body the next few months.

Conscious series/podcast/scrolling choices: 
During Christmas, I started to think about how much time and energy I waste on watching/listening to negative series or podcasts and scrolling through feeds I don’t even care about. You know those that might be funny in some way, but at the same time interrupts your focus? Anyway, I’ve stopped subscribing and I’m cutting down on the useless scrolling – and from now on I’m making more conscious decisions about what I choose to let into my life.

A wonderful friend of mine recommended a book called “The Magic”, written by Rhonda Byrne. She is also the woman behind “The Secret” that I’ve been so into – so I’m giving this a try. Anyway, instead of just getting all excited and never actually read it, I ordered it used on Amazon today. Honestly, I had no idea how cheap books are on Amazon when we buy them used! I got it, including delivery for less than 4 pounds! Madness!

I was so lucky this christmas, as I got several products from Rituals. It’s this amazing brand that has the most wonderful products I’ve ever used in the shower. On every bottle, there’s also a little message as a reminder to enjoy the luxury of life. I’m in love! Other than that, I also got Camilla Phil’s Golden mask, that I’ve given a go. You would not belive how fresh and smooth my skin felt after only one try! Happy, happy, happy! Let the self-love continue.

I’m back in the gym, and I’m planning to workout a bit more strategically in the months to come. My weekly plan is as follows: 2 weightlifting/OLY classes + 1 WOD + 1 running session for at least 5K + 1 yoga session. As shit happens and I’m actually gonna listen to my body and mind, I’m not gonna push it to complete all sessions all weeks. But it feels achievable and varied – so for most weeks it should be possible to complete all sessions!

I’ve started to use Insight Timer again! Wohey! Meditation is seriously everything. It has opened my eyes and I’m gonna continue practicing to connect.

– Hope you’re having as good of a start on this new year as I’m having & that I’ll be able to inspire to some good changes in the year to come! It’s gonna be a good one! 


Last night we arrived back in our apartment in London, and although it was sad to say goodbye to mom and dad, it feels pretty amazing now that I’m home. A new beginning is finally here, and I’m filled up with inspiration and motivation to get started on my new years resolutions.

My experience with changing lifestyle in a day isn’t exactly good, so I’ve decided to take a lot of little steps this year to become more spiritual and feel better about myself and my life. Can’t wait to share more!

I’ve prepared quite a bit while resting in Norway for the past few weeks, but now it’s time to act. I started the minute I got in the door last night, by making meat free tacos for dinner! Although I can admit that there’s room for a lot of improvement, I’m pleased to say that I’ve started to make some actual changes. Damn, this feels good! We’re continuing the meatless lifestyle tonight, trying to cook some veggie carbonara. I have no idea how this can get me so excited, but it does!

This morning, I even changed my coffee out for tea. Remember, I wrote little things…

Tonight M and I have done some grocery shopping, organised my closet (which also means the rest of the apartment), decorated one of my walls in the bedroom with pictures from my vision board – and it generally feels like I’m starting to set the scene for a fresh start of this new year!

It’s good to be home. 


Last day of vacation before the armour needs to be dusted off. These past few weeks have been eye-opening in many ways, and I’m excited to return to the UK now. It’s funny how the grass can seem so green on the other side, and how rarely it is. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing, or just a tragic reality check.

I’m processing all the impressions I’ve collected these weeks, as I’m packing my bag to return to what has now become my reality of uncertainty. That’s where the magic happens. It’s been lovely to rest in safety for a few weeks, as it only drives me to change even more. Now my mind and body is craving to get back to business, to embrace the unknown and work even harder.

Luckily, it’s a reality that I actually look forward seeing again, and I have a good clue on how to continue to water it, in order to grow even further. I think I’ve found the entrance to the rainbow – so now all I have to do is follow the path and see where that leads me. EXCITING!

2018, this is going to be legendary – and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom!


Last night I went to bed at 02. I woke up at 06 this morning, talked to my parents before they went off to work, went back to sleep at 09 and slept until 14:30. I’m without a doubt still on vacationmode…

I’m in Bergen, but my mind is still in Hemsedal looking out on this amazing view. I’m still waiting to get started, spending most of my days offline, trying to get away with it while I know the world is moving on in fast pace.

Messages are ticking in about meeting up, about when I’ll be back in London, reminders for events soon about to happen – and I’m slowly realising that I’ll need to get back to real life pretty soon.

But I still got three days, and I’m gonna spend them well, doing nothing.


Perhaps one of the most important new year’s resolutions I’ve decided to make this year, is to not bring any of the bullshit from 2017 with me into the new year. Wow, the Law of Attraction movie I caught on Netflix this holiday really stuck with me. You simply HAVE to read the book, or set of an hour or two to watch the documentary on Netflix!

Anyway, new year’s eve was interesting! I celebrated at a cabin in Ål together with M and three other couples. The food was amazing, the people were wonderful and I had a blast! But as I described it the next day, it was like 2017 wanted to give me just a last little outburst that stuck with me for about 12 hours into the new year…

I got a minor food poisoning from the meat we ate, and ended up getting really sick right after our new years meal. Hurray! Good thing about this is that I’m truly motivated to try out that planned “eat less meat” diet for a while. Luckily, I was able to sleep for about three hours before we had to leave the next morning, and I was sure 2017 was done with me by then. New beginnings! Only to realise that we had driven our car into the trench when we were trying to back the car out of our parking space. Haha! We spent an hour trying to move the car, but with help from the three other guys at the cabin we were able to get it back on the road in the end.

When M and I finally got behind the wheel, the new year could finally begin properly. What had been going on for the past 12 hours had only been 2017’s last little poke, just to get it all out before we could begin the new year the way it should be!

I’m thankful for my decision to take two weeks off from work, which means that I still have a few more days before I need to get back to business. I’m trying to stay off social media where the rest of the world seems to be attacking the gym, their diets and all the other new years resolutions. To my big surprise, it’s pretty stressful to watch the world move – while laying in bed trying to “holiday“.  Ironic. But I think this is a good exercise right now, as this is spot on what I need to work on this year. So what better way to start the year, than to take a deep breath and forget about the world outside?