I strongly belive that if we are good to ourselves and learn how to take care of our outer and inner self – we’ll have more energy and confidence to do the same for the people around us, and our businesses. So it’s time to level up for fall! I’ve just been to Superdrug to shop some self-care products. I don’t really know too much about what a face mask should have in it, but I’ve fallen in love with these Dead Sea Purifying Clay Masks! They’re also super cheap, yaaaay! I love taking care of myself, but I can’t say I want to make it a huge part of my monthly budget. So these are great!

I like it when I can feel that the mask sort of “works” into my skin, and “hurts” a bit. That’s how I feel like it’s actually working, and you know – it feels good. Well, this one does it for me! You simply wash your face beforehand, apply it and leave it for at least 15 minutes and wash off.

I’ve agreed (with myself) to use one of these at least once a week throughout fall and winter. Not just because I think my skin needs it, but because it feels so damn good both during and after. So if you don’t have face masks in your weekly self-care routine yet, I recommend adding it to your list!


I woke up one day and felt empty. Opened my laptop and could not decide on a single word to type. Uninspired and lost. How can I write and develop if I don’t feel inspired?

That’s one of the many reasons why I love this blog. It’s a creativity project where I constantly need to find new inspiration to be able to keep writing. It’s terrifying not knowing what I’m gonna write about next week, or sometimes even the next day. But that’s part of the challenge. In order to keep going, I need to make sure I fuel my source of inspiration and creativity.

So this particular morning I decided to go for a walk with Magnus. Lately I’ve realised how much we move, talk, touch and see – without really noticing. We are trained to keep going, without discovering and without asking questions.

So for this walk, we were just gonna walk. At every turn, we either chose left or right. When we saw something exciting, we were supposed to go there – not just say “I wonder what’s in there!”.

We did this for a couple of hours, and when I got home I couldn’t stop typing. Not necessarily about what I had discovered – but I felt inspired! So you, reading this, remember to look up, around and discover! You never know what you might find in a hidden alley…


When I first discovered this video, I was completely speechless. Millennials are getting so much crap for being who we are – and I’ve always been called childish and too much out there for saying things like he’s talking about in this video.

But when I discovered this video, I realised I’m not weird or different. I’m part of a community of people who wants something else than just a steady job, kids and mortgage. We’re seeking for something else, not always knowing what we’re looking for.

This video inspired me to keep going, however how hopeless it seems sometimes. No matter how much I miss my family and friends back home, would like to have my own apartment, and how much I would love to receive a higher pay check every month – I still think doing so would make me too comfortable to chase after something more.

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps all we have is within us, and I’m chasing something that will never make me happy. Perhaps I, in fact, would be happier being closer to everyone I love, and the streets that I already know. People make dreams come true there too – I see it every day.

But it’s something about being at a place without distractions and support from more than a close few nearby. It drives me. It’s survive or surrender, and nothing in between. It’s the thought of “if I can do it here, I can do it anywhere”, and “if I can do this, I can do anything”.

Now I’m sharing because I am a millennial. I know I’m using that word a lot, but now you might understand why. It’s because I recently found a group of people online and in real life that gets me. Who are going through the same. Who are fighting for the same clarity. Now, I’m not travelling full-time, like said in the video. But this mindset is pretty much what I belive in.

I’m not going to say that I will buy a house somewhere and get kids when I’m 30. Because the fact is that we never really know. I don’t want a life where everything is planned out. I want to go after my dreams and see where they take me. That doesn’t have to exclude kids, a steady job and a house – but it’s not my end goal.


I’ve recently discovered bath salts. It seems like something everyone has, but I’ve never known why. Typical me… It’s like when I discovered makeup two years ago and all of a sudden realised I could do so much more than trying to apply eyeliner like Amy Winehouse.

I know it’s not as common to have a tub in Norway or Denmark where I used to live, but I have yet to see a London bathroom without a tub. I actually don’t know why, and after a quick Google search I still couldn’t figure i out – so if anyone knows that history, please let me know. It’s kinda bugging me.

Anyway, back to the bath salts! I bought this one at TK Maxx for 7 punds and decided to give it a try! It’s supposed to make you feel a difference in your skin, mood, ease stress, promote restful sleep, relieve inflammation and pain, detoxify and more. Do I usually belive in stuff like this? No. But I’m feeling open towards anything that can improve my health (and is cheap) – so I tried it!

I lit a scented candle, applied a face mask, put my computer on a chair beside the tub with some Bachelor in Paradise playing, put the bath salts in the tub of hot water and spent 40 minutes relaxing.

It might be the the combination of everything + some placebo, but nevertheless – after this bath my skin felt smoother, like it had this warm glow! Am I supposed to feel like that after a bath with salts? I have absolutely no idea, but I liked it. Those 40 minutes felt like I was in heaven. It was like the water got thicker and it smelled so nice. So who cares what the real effects are, as long as it feels good and it’s supposed to be good for you, right? I’m in.

So if you have a tub at home, I would strongly recommend purchasing some bath salts! I mean, why not?


I’m a kind of person who’s often either really chill, or super productive. That also goes for personal goals. They’re either far away – not even on my mind, or I’m hustling 24/7 with focus on achieving them.

Well, the past two weeks I’ve been chilling. I think it was a mix of end of summer blues and sickness that hit me all at once. But I’ve figured out that it’s not the end of the world when that happens. It just does, from time to time.

I’ve still worked obviously, but I’ve cut down on my workouts, social activities and just… Taken a moment to get rid of my cold or whatever it was.

I always get something positive from it though, because I’m forced to relax, really think things through with no distractions. All of a sudden, when I’ve been sick for a week I come to realise things like… I need to cut my intake on sugar (which probably also makes my skin less fresh, and was why I got sick in the first place), I should start eating more vitamins (for the same reason), it’s time to learn how to create YT-videos for self learning and the list goes on.

I also created a new playlist on Spotify called LONDON FALL POWER. Yass, that’s right. Bold. I also ordered some protein powder, a pink shaker (just because it makes it more fun) and something called “skinny snack”, you know – for the times I am trying to self-sabotage again. It’s all about planning! No excuses left now!

I’ve also spent the last two hours taking personality tests online, as I yet again found myself in a world of questions like “how can I find my niche?”, “what is my purpose?” and “when I am the happiest?”. The minute I feel like I’m getting closer to my truth I listen to another podcast where a guy says something like “your purpose will change every day through life”. Yep, hit me like a tornado, as this whole obsession of finding something sounds like an endless journey. But I’m obsessed, so I’m not giving up until a find something that calms me down and makes sense. More on that later.

ANYWAY, when I think of it; fall is always a great season to kick some serious ass. To take work to a new level, get stronger in the gym and just be badass. I’m looking forward to having a healthy and awesome fall now! The sickness is over, I’m committed to take better care of myself aaaand I have a few trips planned that I’m truly excited about!

So I say it’s time to get serious and smash some new goals! Are you with me?


Another market worth checking out in London! They have a some of everything, and even if you’re not looking for something in particular – it’s exciting to go around to the different shops and check it out. You might find something cheap you didn’t even know you missed…



I want to share my favourite childhood memory with you. It’s not a particular year, day or happening. It’ more of a story of a feeling. If you want the full experience of this post; press play on Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talking” while reading it. Here goes…

I knew that, because I woke up to the sound of an old classic playing from the stereo in the living room. Dad’s music.

I heard footsteps in the hall, mom and dad were up. They cleaned the house, prepared dinner from early morning and the house was just… loud, in a good way.

“Time to go!”

I rushed to the car. Another classic was playing on the highest possible volume. It was always too loud, but I kinda enjoyed it. My dad and I drove for like an hour to get there. When we arrived, a guy was standing by the harbour to greet us. A fisherman.

I caught some really good ones for you this time!” he always told my dad.

My dad made sure I got out of the car.

Look at them!” he said with a smile on his face. They were alive, and put in the back of our car in a bucket.

We did not talk that much, not that I can remember, but we listened to the music together – and sometimes sang along. Somehow, in later years, I think that’s how we often communicated. Through music. We left it up to the classics. Little did I know at that time how much that would impact how I listen to music for the rest of my life.

When we got back home, they cooked – while I was eating mom’s homemade bread. When dinner was done, it was a true masterpiece.

– It’s funny how you don’t really see the value in everything before you grow up, right?

I’m still very close to my parents, and I dare to say that with every day that goes by – I value them more. I guess I had to be apart from them for a while to see what I had, and luckily still have. Full support, so much love and a place to call home.

My parents are awesome. Mom is competing in the nationals for masters swimming every year, and has a record of always bringing home medals. She is also a regular at Barry’s Bootcamp, an excellent handywoman and just a cool lady! She’s also an engineer and works as a leader within the public sector. And like Magnus once told her; If your daughter looks like you when she’s your age – I have a bright future ahead.

I agree.

My dad is a businessman and he always has a good advice up his sleeve. He’s funny, chill and cool. He knows how to appreciate the life he has created for himself and our family – and his values are stronger than steel.

I can talk about nothing with my mom on the phone for hours, call them both when I’m afraid, sad or happy. But you know what always makes me value them the most?

When I’m at a place, and a song comes on… Doesn’t matter where I am, but if a good old classic my dad used to play comes on – it brings me straight back to a Saturday morning in Bergen with my family…

I always text my dad in those moments, something like “I’m sitting in a bar at Barbican, and guess what – I just heard Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s talking”, and had to drop you a message. Say hi to mom! “

We know exactly what that means, how the mood is – and nothing else needs to be said or done.


‘In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.’
– Paddington Bear

I just love this quote, and I truly feel like it describes London so well. The funny thing is that, in my experience, the more freedom I have to be myself – the more I am I conflict with myself about who I actually am.

It was easier before, when I could just belong.

I took on roles, and I would fit in – in my own way & it worked every single time.

What I’m trying to express is that I’m pretty much floating between who I used to be and who I am becoming – without really understanding who that’s gonna be, or who that is right now. It’s not always easy to know whether I am getting closer or further away from where I’m supposed to be.

I guess that’s alright. For now. I’ll find the next big this is it.


…The freak is you. This is a story about how the underground seems so far under ground when you’re sick.

I’m surrounded by men in suits and women in high heels, gorgeous dresses, makeup and hairdo on point. We are all moving in the same direction, down the stairs to the London underground.

I have a fewer, my nose is blocked and my head hurts. I’m wearing a tights with a tee and hoodie. No makeup what so ever, hair up in a bun. Not in the cute “casual” way. The real way. The way you dress and look like when no one is around, except for close family and friends.

I can feel my pulse beating faster, the air feels warmer and harder to breathe in. I start coughing for air, and before I know it – I notice that I have a 1 meter radius around me without people. Now that’s called freedom in London, especially on the underground.

But they’re not avoiding me to be nice. It’s in fear for their lives, as they know exactly what will happen to them if they get too close. I am a moving source of explosive bacteria – and everyone knows it, including me.

I look down at myself as I am trying to survive the tube with a fever. I feel the sweat crawling down my back, and decide to take my sweater off even though I’m freezing.  I definitely look like a homeless person now. Or someone who just went through a major breakup or lost a family member. Someone in pain for sure.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen… red signal… The train is being hold, but will be ready to depart shortly… “

I can’t breathe. The tube is not moving. I’m sure there’s not enough oxygen left if the doors don’t open within the next few seconds, I’m sure of it. Why isn’t the train moving? Omg, I’m having a panic attack, what should I do? I need to go the restroom, I’m feeling sick. GET OVER YOURSELF, INGSE – YOU’LL BE FINE. I’m sure the train will move again shortly. She said shortly, right? What does shortly really mean? Is it 30 seconds or are we talking half an hour? What if I puke here, where should I puke? Do I have a bag with me? What if I pass out, would they be able to take me to the hospital? Seriously, are we still standing still? It’s so dark outside the tube, we so far under ground. How do we even open these doors when we’re not at a station? Would I survive if I had to crawl out of here in the end?

…the train starts moving again.
…the doors open.

And I swear, the cold air when I get up from the underground hits me like a slap of victory. I’m still alive and breathing.


Of course, the same week I published a post about being positive this fall and self-care to stay healthy from the inside and out, I go on and get sick. Everything I feared as fall approached became my reality from the second I woke up today.

Sore throat, headache, cold sweating, fever. Hello Fall! Ok, but seriously – why is this happening again? I thought we made peace. I agreed to slow down and take better care of myself while staying positive – and you agreed to play on my team, and not to fight me this year. Fall, I thought we made up.

In bed, trying to keep up with the promise I gave myself to publish a blog post every other day – and I’m struggling to stay concentrated because of you. Yes, I blame you. I did my part, or so I thought. Why wasn’t it enough? Why couldn’t I stay healthy this year?

But dear fall, I’m not giving up this easily. I still wanna work things out with you. I still belive in us – that we can find a way to play on the same team, you and I.

So now I’m gonna take a long bath, rest, listen to Neil Finn’s new album that my dad recommended – and hope that you do your part. I still belive we can make this an amazing fall, but you have to help me get there & play on my team.